Protected: Gone in 60 Seconds

6 yrs ago God healed me, and I still don’t really have the words…
I know I felt broken. For decades I felt broken.
But not anymore.
I want that for so many ppl I love.
That “not anymore.”
Healing takes time and it takes tears,
but there is healing for everything that is hurting you.
#healing #longtimecoming #notanymore


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I turned 33 this month. I began experiencing life’s brokenness at 3 years old, and ever since then, I’d always felt exactly that. Broken. Three weeks ago, I reread the story of the woman with the issue of blood in Matthew 9:20-22. I remember reading that “instantly” she was healed, and I paused my reading to say, “Lord, Jesus! I want that! I want to be instantly healed! I want this pain to be gone! I know You CAN do it. But why don’t You?” I kind of forgot about that prayer and continued along with life. The next week, I went to worship in the quiet sanctuary of my childhood church. As I left, a beautiful sister in Christ who was cleaning the church stopped me and said God told her to tell me, “Whatever it is, He’s bringing you out of it! Just keep doing what you’re…

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