Protected: Gone in 60 Seconds

6 yrs ago God healed me, and I still don’t really have the words…
I know I felt broken. For decades I felt broken.
But not anymore.
I want that for so many ppl I love.
That “not anymore.”
Healing takes time and it takes tears,
but there is healing for everything that is hurting you.
#healing #longtimecoming #notanymore


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I turned 33 this month. I began experiencing life’s brokenness at 3 years old, and ever since then, I’d always felt exactly that. Broken. Three weeks ago, I reread the story of the woman with the issue of blood in Matthew 9:20-22. I remember reading that “instantly” she was healed, and I paused my reading to say, “Lord, Jesus! I want that! I want to be instantly healed! I want this pain to be gone! I know You CAN do it. But why don’t You?” I kind of forgot about that prayer and continued along with life. The next week, I went to worship in the quiet sanctuary of my childhood church. As I left, a beautiful sister in Christ who was cleaning the church stopped me and said God told her to tell me, “Whatever it is, He’s bringing you out of it! Just keep doing what you’re…

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Life Soundtrack

I’ve updated the YouTube Compilation List below. Thank you for sharing your beautiful stories with me!


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Many of our most powerful life experiences are inextricably tied to healing melodies that have both stirred our souls and lifted our spirits, music that will forever have an emotional impact on us and be indelibly etched into the fabric of our lives. Here’s a compilation of what was shared with me along with my own #lifesoundtrack. I thank each of you for sharing and blessing my life!

#ThisSongWasOnRepeat when I wanted to give up on any hopes of healing…but God…TUH #butGod

“When [my sister] Lystra died. “I’m going to be ready” by Yolanda Adams was on Serious REPEAT!”

#ThisSongWasOnRepeat for much of my senior year of high school when the pain of my past threatened to eclipse God’s plan for my life.”


“I sang this song outside the office of the professor that took…

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Your Tears Are Not Lost on God

Y O U R  TEARS didn’t get lost in your pillowcase. The God of all comfort still salvages every sorrow. With each successive year I celebrate the mending of my heart, my capacity for openly receiving, deeply experiencing, and passionately expressing God’s love has multiplied. After decades of overwhelming grief and anger that threatened to eclipse all joy, God’s peace relentlessly pursued me and has repeatedly brought me to my knees in adoration of Him. May this same peace & love chase and catch your overburdened soul.

As you release your fears and tears to God, I want to share that I’ve been leading the leaders of the 10 Thousand Standing Conference in a bible study where we’re challenging our fears, overcoming failures, and fueling our faith in God. I’ll be sharing the bible study portions here, as well.

JOIN the FEARFUL but FAITHFUL bible study and SHARE today! I’m so excited to grow along with each of you!

The Glory of It All

Okay, so first, first, FIRST, watch this video clip! It’ll only take 2 1/2 minutes of your life (unless you watch it a few times, like I did, with a big grin each time). But watch it first before reading on, or you won’t get the next two paragraphs.

I watched this video and couldn’t help but draw the parallel of how God is always working on us, and here we are on the sidelines, brows furrowed, not even seeing the beauty He’s creating. I mean, even Anderson Cooper was flabbergasted. He didn’t even realize that the painting being created in front of him was a spitting image of himself.

I’d dare say that too often, we also miss the beauty of God. We’re so pigeonholed into viewing Him in just one way, that we totally miss the glory of it all. But, then there’s the reveal. I thank God for those revealing moments. I thank Him for those moments of recognizing even a glimpse of His glory. He Hideth My Soul is one of my favorite hymns because the image of God hiding me, gently covering me, and still revealing a glimpse of Himself to me has been so real in my life (Exodus 33:18-23). Moses asked God to show him His glory after growing in intimacy with God and desiring more of Him. I asked God to reveal Himself for other reasons. I was fed up with a God who seemed so good on paper, yet also seemed so absent in my pain. Yet, God’s grace surely abounded much more than my sin; He obliged, and showed me a glimpse of His working in my life…a glimpse of His holding me, protecting me, restoring me. As the song in this last video indicates, I’ll never be the same. The song is, “The Glory of it All” by David Crowder Band. Again, this 2-minute video below before the concluding sentences underneath.

I”ve watched this video a few times, just enjoying the song, art, and worshiping God. But after the first reveal, you can easily discern what’s being painted when watching it again. Just so, I can more easily discern God’s hand in my life, and others’ lives, even. It’s beautiful to watch, and I’m committed not to miss the glory of it all as God proceeds with His process.

Glimpses of glory from the cleft of a rock