Gone in 60 Seconds

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I turned 33 this month. I began experiencing life’s brokenness at 3 years old, and ever since then, I’d always felt exactly that. Broken. Three weeks ago, I reread the story of the woman with the issue of blood in Matthew 9:20-22. I remember reading that “instantly” she was healed, and I paused my reading to say, “Lord, Jesus! I want that! I want to be instantly healed! I want this pain to be gone! I know You CAN do it. But why don’t You?” I kind of forgot about that prayer and continued along with life. The next week, I went to worship in the quiet sanctuary of my childhood church. As I left, a beautiful sister in Christ who was cleaning the church stopped me and said God told her to tell me, “Whatever it is, He’s bringing you out of it! Just keep doing what you’re doing, keep worshiping, keep praising, and know that He’s bringing you out.”

I thanked her but immediately protested whatever that meant. I was so emotionally drained and didn’t want anything else to do with the healing journey God had me on. I adamantly told my husband, “I quit. I’ll heal more, later.” I couldn’t even look him in the eye because I knew I hadn’t consulted God, and I knew didn’t want to. I was done, and that was that. Thankfully, we had friends over that evening, so there wasn’t time for my pity party. By the time I reflected on that afternoon, I recalled the life-giving words God spoke through His servant the preceding day: “He’s bringing you out; whatever it is, He’s bringing you out of it!”

Fast forward two weeks to last Thursday night, when I again found myself reading about the woman with the issue of blood, but this time, from the gospel of Mark. That detailed account indicated the woman had sought many physicians “and was no better but rather grew worse.” I exclaimed, “No, Jesus! She went to all the doctors and got WORSE? No thank you, Lord! Don’t let that be my story!” One day later, Friday, God realized His promise to bring me out of that lingering emotional pain. God answered the prayers I’d forgotten I prayed, prayers to be instantly healed.

I wish I could more clearly articulate what happened last Friday. But I simply felt myself changing. The hollow feeling in my chest began to fill and just didn’t feel so weighted down, the vibrating storm inside of me calmed without me having to take deep, soothing breaths. Fear was gone, sorrow was gone, pain was gone. By the time I could second-guess this new feeling of peace, the sting of what held my captive so long was finally, completely gone. Just as Jesus knew that power had gone out from Him, I knew, without a doubt, that God’s power had come into me and made me whole.

Understand that at 33 years of age, I had never been able to utter the words, “I am whole.” I didn’t even have a framework for what experiencing wholeness would be like, and yet, as I type this, I assure you: I am whole! The lame man in Acts 3 was lame from birth, so he had no neural networks for what experiencing walking would feel like, yet he left jumping and leaping with praise. I immediately began walking in wholeness exactly two weeks after I was ready to give up! I’m convinced the enemy senses the finish line long before we do. I believe he sees the angels coming alongside us to bear us up in their arms, and THAT is when he increases attacks to discourage our faith. When you feel like giving up, know that the words God has spoken over your life will NOT return to Him void. See the warfare for what it is! Never give up, never despair; though the vision may seem slow in coming, it will not be delayed. The brokenness is gone, and I am whole. If He did it for the woman with the issue of blood, if He’d do it for me, if He’s risen with ALL power in His hand, keep believing He’ll do it for you!


“God is more powerful than anybody’s past, no matter how wretched. He can make us forget – not by erasing the memory but by taking the sting and paralyzing effect out of it”
~Jim Cymbala

“The nature of the enemy’s warfare in your life is to cause you to become discouraged and to cast away your confidence. Not that you would necessarily discard your salvation, but you could give up your hope of God’s deliverance. The enemy wants to numb you into a coping kind of Christianity that has given up hope of seeing God’s resurrection power.”
~Bob Sorge, Glory: When Heaven Invades Earth

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77 responses to “Gone in 60 Seconds

  1. Praise God My Sister! Whoa! What a powerful testimony of deliverance, and God’s amazing creative restorative power! Your healing and wholeness will become a wellspring of hope for many others with whom you will touch! He touched you and made you whole! Glory, majesty. dominion, and power to God our Savior!

    • ALL glory to our Savior, savior indeed! girl. thank u. thank u for also being a sister in Christ. God is so, so very awesome. you are an example of His grace in my life. thank u for your friendship, mentoring, and most of all, thank u for your prayers and obedience to the Spirit! invaluable!

  2. I celebrate YOU! The month of July will forever be a special time for you and all those who celebrate your miraculous healing (from the inside out). You are truly healed, and your joy is contagious! Thanks for being a witness during the pain and the power of this journey called LIFE. I love you so much!

    • girl. thank you. thank you so, so much for stepping in and being the sister i’d ALWAYS begged God for. You’ve chosen to be an awesome sister to me and I thank God for choosing you for me. I love you and am excited to be freed to free others.

  3. YES! Praise be to the One who is Worthy!!! You are whole! I rejoice with you greatly! What a testimony of God’s power. He will forever receive the glory from your life, Dee! You are His instrument, His workmanship created to do good works so that others may see your light, hear your story of deliverance and glorify our Father in Heaven!

    • YES, Sabrina, Yes, and amen! I give Him and Him ALONE glory. He used His servants to bring this about, but HE did it. I’m so confident He’ll do it for all those He places in my path! I’ve always known that passage in Isaiah 61 applied to my life from the first time i read it, that the Spirit of the Lord is upon me to preach good news to the poor, proclaim liberty to the captives, bind up the brokenhearted. In Jesus’ name, this will lead to NOTHING but fruitfulness and fulfillment of that in my life and those i touch!

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