Boundaries: Forgiveness vs. Fellowship


Forgiveness Does NOT Mean Access!

The 3-minute video below is the third part in a series on boundaries.  The first was about the purpose of boundaries – protecting the fruitfulness God expects from what He’s planting in your life (CLICK HERE to view). The second was about knowing if/when to set boundaries in relationships – it’s always when, not if (CLICK HERE to view). Below, I briefly address the question of how we know if we should forgive someone, and let them back “in” or restrict their access to us. This mixes two aspects, FORGIVENESS and BOUNDARIES – both are important, and both lead to healing and healthy relationships. See how:

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7 responses to “Boundaries: Forgiveness vs. Fellowship

  1. Absolutely powerful! You hit it and quit it–continuing the process of breaking this yoked issue off of my life. Indeed, woman of God, it is the anointing that breaks EVERY enslaving yoke!

    Please know that I will be sharing this with my congregation as God continues to bless you…and expand the territory of His ministry through you.

    Thanking you beyond words that can be uttered,

    Pastor Y. Ellington

    • Oh bless the LORD, sis! Are you anywhere in the south? If so, perhaps I can come worship with you all. Either way, I’m glad you found this and it blessed you. His name be praised!

  2. All three videos were good. I need to set boundaries with someone I thought I could trust. It seems like with her hurt she is hurting me and not realizing it. I wanted to tell her, but I just prayed about it and let God do what He has to do. Even if I say things in a way that isn’t offensive she will take offense to it. When I didn’t have a good day one day, she got upset and went off on me a little which knocked me down more. I’d never seen her that way before. All I can do is just pray for her and pray for myself.

    • i’m so sorry for what you’re going through. i’ve paused to pray for you, for healing and restoration for you and for that relationship, and for God’s healing work to be done in her life, as well. so glad the videos could help. God bless, hon! and if you need prayer for anything else, feel free to fill out the prayer request form on the page linked below. your request will be kept private for the purposes of praying, only!

  3. Yes. Just yes. And thank you; I just watched all 3 of your ‘boundaries’ videos, and a) I totally agree, and b) I really needed to hear that. Thank you for letting God speak through you. xx

    • Oh glory to GOD, Rachel! thanks so much for following along and for commenting. God is so awesome to speak to so many of us at once. let’s continue growing and sharing along the way! 🙂

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