Convicted to Confront

I’ve been hit left and right these last few days with the reality that I need to engage in some loving confrontation to move forward in a healthy way. I was relatively clear on this notion on Monday, but by Wednesday (yesterday), I’d talked myself down from fully walking out in faith. I’d told myself, “Well, maybe I just need to be strong enough to address this issue should it come up again.” But, the reality is, God doesn’t want us to take a passive stance on confrontation. I thank Pastor Roger Hernandez for his obedience to blog about this. His Spirit-led tweets talked me out of the corner of fearing confrontations that need to be had.

In Matthew 18:15-20, the Word tells us to go to those who’ve harmed us, not to wait, but to be proactive and go to them. The whole purpose is to “gain a brother,” to restore. Choosing not to  confront is as selfish as not caring that others be restored. The Word says when someone transgresses, you who are spiritual should restore (Galatians 6:1)! I’d like to selfishly ignore things, but being spiritual requires sacrificing self in order to bring about restoration for others. Below, I’ll share Pastor Hernandez’ tweets that set me free. I pray you, too, find freedom and the courage to lovingly confront as you’re convicted to do.

It's as if God was calling my name!

It’s as if God was calling my name, and guess what? He was!

can't heal

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2 responses to “Convicted to Confront

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    Reblogging post on confrontation with a 3-minute video on setting boundaries. Rabbits don’t like when you put up a fence to keep them out of your garden, but producing fruit requires setting boundaries. “I’m a fan of mercy, and I’m a fan of grace, but that does not nullify the boundaries of God.” Love shows restraint; it doesn’t just do whatever it wants whenever it wants. Love both sets and keeps boundaries.

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