God Delivered Me From…

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i’m sure this is  my shortest and least formal blog post, and that’s a good thing! shortest in words, at least, and least formal regarding punctuation n whatnot. but catch either or both of the videos (above or below). the one below is a slightly more sensual version, but true to life. the other night on twitter, the hashtag, #GodDeliveredMeFrom was trending, thanks, in part, to @nosexmovement. i IMMEDIATELY recalled this video i’d recently watched and could only worship. at any rate, my “God Delivered Me From” tweets are below and the video follows. i included the “Ex-…” tweets, too. God delivers. Redemption is real. Where sin abounds, His grace MUCH MORE abounds (Romans 5:20)!

God Delivered Me From...


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2 responses to “God Delivered Me From…

  1. That’s a nice thing to be trending, especially with the high levels of crap out here…

    Glad you’re doing well and thanks for sharing the videos and your thoughts.

    Follow me! @CMediaUSA
    -Gee James

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