Gratitude Challenge Day 1: Jesus Wept

jesus wept

“Jesus wept.” ~John 11:35

3 things I’m grateful for –Day 1:

1. God cares.
2. God’s tears.
3. God’s here.
Charles Spurgeon said, “A Jesus who never wept could never wipe my tears.” I get it. God’s been where I’ve been and won where I’ll win. The bible tells us God cares about the grass, how much more will He care about us? He’s moved with compassion for us, and He’s promised to be with us always. God (the Son), shed tears, cares about your tears, and is right here with you, through it all. I don’t usually post such short blurbs, but felt impressed to share this gratitude challenge on here. I challenge each of you to do the same and feel free to tag me (I was challenged a while ago to post 3 things per day for 7 days).

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