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Last week I revisited an old place with a new perspective. When I visited this time last summer, all I saw was all I needed to see as I stood at the edge of the property, now overrun with tall weeds. I peered across at the dilapidated house, now crumbling even at the foundation, with missing windows, dangling doors, and a sunken ceiling. The ugliness on the outside compared very little to what ugly memories it held, so my heart was gladdened to see it decaying in the summer sun. I felt God clearly reminding me that He was doing away with old things, the old places of pain and shame in my life, and doing something new and beautiful.

This time, I took in the same scene, only the house was even more decrepit than before, the master bedroom having collapsed into the former den and only a shell of the building still there. But, even there, there in the dust, in the remaining hovel that was once a home, even there I saw beauty I’d not seen before. I saw plenty of old things, yes, but I saw new things growing all around, and that made me smile. I saw several sassafras trees and saplings and even took one home to remind me God is still doing new, beautiful things in old, ugly places. I’ll be sharing more of these beautiful things in The Beautiful Things Project, and I want YOU to join me!

Everyone has a story, and it makes all of our lives more beautiful to listen. Join me in The Beautiful Things Project where you can share YOUR beautiful things, things others may find ugly, things you once found ugly, or things re-purposed or restored. Watch the brief video below, subscribe, share, and send pictures and/or descriptions of your beautiful things. Let’s commit to seeing beauty in every single thing!

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Grace Finds Beauty in Everything


God Delivered Me From…

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i’m sure this is  my shortest and least formal blog post, and that’s a good thing! shortest in words, at least, and least formal regarding punctuation n whatnot. but catch either or both of the videos (above or below). the one below is a slightly more sensual version, but true to life. the other night on twitter, the hashtag, #GodDeliveredMeFrom was trending, thanks, in part, to @nosexmovement. i IMMEDIATELY recalled this video i’d recently watched and could only worship. at any rate, my “God Delivered Me From” tweets are below and the video follows. i included the “Ex-…” tweets, too. God delivers. Redemption is real. Where sin abounds, His grace MUCH MORE abounds (Romans 5:20)!

God Delivered Me From...


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