You Can FORGIVE Without the Apology

Sometimes we find ourselves waiting for an apology we may never even get. But I promise you can thrive and flourish without the other person’s apology. You can be free without the apology. Take a quick listen and share with others. Link to purchase the book is below the video.

Click Book Image Below to Purchase:The Book on Forgiveness

For the Love of God

5. For the Love of GodDo you desire to meet those who’ve pierced you deepest with an embrace that yearns for their restoration? We can’t love the best in people until we can forgive the worst in them. Love covers a multitude of sins. HEART CHECK: Who’s sinned against you, and how are you covering them? If we’ll ever love the way God loves, we’ll have to forgive the way God forgives.  God loves the people you can’t stand… ((READ THE REST HERE)). See the video below for the demonstration of a 30-second forgiveness exercise.

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