Gratitude Challenge Day 5: Wisdom



3 Things I’m grateful for — Day 5:

1. That God knows ALL things…
2. That God withholds SOME things…
3. That God reveals ANYTHING…

Consider the following Langston Hughes poem:

God in His infinite wisdom ● Did not make me very wise.

So when my actions are stupid ● They hardly take God by surprise.

I’m so grateful I don’t have to know all things; I know the God who knows all things. Further, He said that if any of us lack wisdom, He’ll give it to us liberally, without reproach, meaning we can come again, and again, and He’ll never tire of making us wise (James 1:5). I don’t know who I am that God is mindful of me and would share ANYTHING with me, but I’m grateful! Join me in this challenge; feel free to tag or link me! Post 3 things per day for 7 days.

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