God Remembers You


But God remembered Noah… {Gen. 8:1}. In your barrenness, God remembers; in your brokenness, God remembers. He remembered Hannah, He remembered Rachel, He remembered Abraham, and God remembers you! If you feel forgotten by God, know that as with Hagar, He is still the God who sees you and remembers His promises to you, even after the wildest storms in your wilderness places. {1 Sam. 1:19; Gen. 30:22; 19:29; 16:7}

GOD REMEMBERED…some of my favorite words in the Word! A God who knows all, yet we’re told several times that He remembers…remembers your pain, remembers your purpose, remembers His promises. God has not forgotten about you; He remembers.

The Attack Is Proof of the Promise


Scammers intrigue me, and here’s why: two things, first, nobody runs scams on people with nothing worth taking. Maybe you’ve heard it said before that thieves don’t rob an empty vault, but truly, if someone is running a scam on you, then you must have something worth their effort. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy… {Jhn. 10:10, NIV}. That means there’s SOMETHING you have that’s worth stealing, something yet alive he wants to kill, and some hope you’ve clung to that hasn’t been destroyed.

Secondly, scammers aren’t committing robberies or burglaries, even. The scammer’s goal, your enemy’s goal, is to get you to give up by CHOICE, something he CANNOT take by force! He cannot wrestle the victory from your hands, but he CAN deceive you into releasing your grasp on everything God’s promised you.

For example, one of the ways God uses me is to bring healing to others, and any time He’s up to something new or what seems big to me, my health and personal healing is attacked. I believe the enemy attacks us in the areas God most intends to use us for His glory, so if you’re feeling attacked in any area, know there is a correlating promise the enemy wants you to give up on because he cannot take it from you; he can only get you to release your grasp.

So, my encouragement to you is this: anchor yourself in the Word. Resolve that your faith will be unmoved by the winds that blow, because the winds will blow. The enemy wants you to believe God’s promises are not for you, but instead of believing that, repeat God’s promises aloud, make your mouth tell your mind that every thought will now be captive to the obedience of Christ! Boss your feelings around and show the facts who’s boss in your life. Your enemy’s attack is proof of God’s promises for you; don’t forfeit the victory that’s already yours!

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Christ Didn’t JUST Come Down; He Moved In

“The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood…” ~John 1:14 (MSG). Think of a neighborhood you’ve wanted to move out of or wouldn’t want to move into. He didn’t just come to clean us up; He desires to dwell with us, long-term. The God of the universe moved into the middle of the mess we made for ourselves. That’s commitment. That’s love. {Lev. 26:11-12; 2 Cor. 6:16; Rev. 21:3}

You Were Claimed Before Being Cleaned

The good news of the gospel isn’t just that God loves you, but that He loves you as much as He loves Jesus, and that when He looks at you, He doesn’t see your sin; He sees His Son. It’s good news that Christ cleanses us, but even better that He claimed you before cleaning you. He saw your mess and said, “You’re mine!”{Rom. 8:17; Jhn. 17:22-24; 1 Jhn. 3:1-3; Isa. 43:1}

“Hanging upon the cross, Christ was the Gospel.” ~Ellen G. White

Dirty Fingernails: For mechanics in Afghanistan filthy hands means finished repairs

Fight Again, Win Again

“Some time later King David attacked the Philistines again, defeated them, and ended their control over the land.” 2 Samuel 8:1 (GNT) AGAIN. The enemy will try to make you think that because you’re still fighting, you didn’t win the first time. You already won. We already win. Some battles you’ll have to fight again in 2017, but don’t be discouraged by the warfare, be encouraged that you win. Be ready to fight in 2017. Be ready to win.

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LIVE the Word

Hebrews 4:12 – For the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword…

I’ve had a few interactions this week regarding God’s Word and how it’s manifested in our lives. The conversations have basically centered on seeing God’s promises fulfilled. One question raised, was “What about when we DON’T see His Word being manifest in our lives?” Well, I can tell you relevant things I believe about God, like that His Word does not return to Him void, but it accomplishes the purpose for which it was sent (Hebrews 4:12). I can give a litany of biblical facts that would still require only our belief. However, I have another idea: let’s actively LIVE the Word, instead of passively waiting for it to cloak us.

Shall we not be doers of the Word, and not hearers only (James 1:22)? Instead of looking for the promises we want GOD to fulfill, consider how WE can manifest God’s Word, daily! We can bless the Lord at ALL times and let His praise continually be in our mouths (Psalm 34:1). We can comfort others with the same comfort with which we have been comforted (2 Corinthians 1:4). We can rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn (Romans 12:15). We can go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations(Matthew28:19)The list could go on, but you get the point. Live by the Word and LIVE. THE. WORD!

While we may feel broken and want to see God fulfill the promise that by His stripes we are healed (Isaiah 53:5; 1 Peter 2:24), we should also want to see James 5: 16 manifested in our lives – that we should confess our faults one to another that we might be healed. We must consider that our present trials are also an indicator of God’s Word being manifest in our lives – that in this world we WILL have tribulation, but hallelujah for the remainder of that text. We can be of good cheer, because He’s overcome the world (John 16:33)! So even when we don’t see all of the promises of God fulfilled, let us find hope in what we do see, and persevere in our petitions.

Continue faithfully petitioning our Father as Jesus admonishes us to do in Luke 18:1-8. He gives a parable of a woman repeatedly pleading her case before a Godless judge who eventually grants her request because he’s had enough of her, and how much more will God answer His children, whom He loves, who cry out to Him day and night. In conclusion, He asks when He returns, “Will He find faith?” Will WE be faithful? Will we persevere in praying and praising, persevere in His Word when we don’t see His way? I’ll leave you with a declaration that has become a daily mantra of mine:

I declare that all God’s promises I’ve yet to see fulfilled will find me expectantly waiting and ever worshiping! For ALL the promises of God are yes and amen. Worship while you wait!

John 17:17 – Sanctify them in the truth; Your Word is truth