God Restores: Video Testimony

restore to you the years

I will restore the years… ~Joel 2:25

Today I’m sharing a videoed testimony of God’s all-encompassing grace throughout my life (begins after a 3-minute intro). When I didn’t care to live, God was determined to save. In my hatred and rejection, He pursued, and in my open rebellion, He forgave. He continues to prove to me, over and over, that He is able to bring such beauty from such pain and bring such glory to His name. God is still redeeming, still delivering, still restoring. Even in the ugliest circumstances of your life and even with the worst choices you can make, know that God Restores!

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restoreth my soul

God Restores!

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8 responses to “God Restores: Video Testimony

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  2. Thank you for posting this. I am going through very hard times right now and have been for the past couple of years. I really needed to hear this message right now and have no doubt that He is speaking to me through you. ❤

    • sorry to hear about the tough times you’re going through, hon! glad the msg was able to speak to your situation in this present time. i’ve paused to pray for you that you persevere and see God’s deliverance and His guidance, too, with absolute clarity!

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  4. Recently a friend invited me to an event at her church called – Operation New Creation: Re-purposing & Up-cycling. When I arrived, there were booths throughout the lobby hosted by different individuals who had re-purposed and up-cycled old things and made them new, things such as plastic bags crocheted into bigger and better bags, old sweaters made into boot cuffs, aluminum cans created into art, an old cabinet turned into a play kitchen set…. Then, we ate. 🙂 This was followed by a program/skit that talked about the benefits of re-purposing & up-cycling. They featured several really nice projects such as an old TV that was turned into a fish tank. There was music, too. It was nice to learn more ways to re-use the things we already have. But, the program did not end there. It ended with a young woman sharing her experienced of how God re-purposed her life, and turn her brokenness into something beautiful making her a new creation. I think you would have enjoyed this event for many reasons. It was a great way to illustrate what God wants to do for all of us.God is the master of re-purposing and up-cycling. God restores!! Thank you for sharing your story. I am blessed by you. I know others are too!!

    • oh, thx so much for sharing that, @kelly! i’m totally going to post the “beautiful things project” vlog here. this re-purposing and up-cycling program sounds like an AWESOME way to join others in recognizing how beauty can be found in the least likely places! u know that i’m truly blessed by u, as well, beautiful lady! thx for making me smile. 🙂

    • thanks for taking the time to view it, man! appreciate you! it’s been a blessing to share; it was scary, but that fear is NOT of God. this peace most definitely is, tho! 🙂

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